EvoGUI: Tile Information Sensors

Tile info: Temperature, elevation, moisture, roughness, terrain, shrubs, trees...
3 years ago
Owner: aubergine18
Source: aubergine10/evo_elev_temp
Homepage: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic...
License: MIT
Created: 3 years ago
Latest Version: 0.0.3 (3 years ago)
Factorio version: 0.13
Downloaded: 807 times

Note: This is a single player mod due to current limitations of EvoGUI.

I'm proud to release v0.0.3 of what is arguably one of the most useless mods ever created for Factorio. It does, however, have a SHRUBBERY SENSOR. How awesome is that?!!


This mod requires EvoGUI mod. With both mods active, once in-game you'll need to click the EvoGUI settings button and enable the sensors.

Just look at those checkboxes! LOOK AT THEM!

Sensors of Great Justice!

Sensors update once per second and show values for the map tile that Player 1 is standing on.

Temperature Sensor

Displays temperature of the tile at current player 1 location.

The temperature doesn't change with time of day - instead it's determined during map generation and remains fixed on a tile by tile basis. :(

Elevation Sensor

Displays elevation of the tile at current player 1 location, in meters.

Moisture Sensor

Displays the moisture level of the tile - set at time of map generation.

Roughness Sensor

Displays the roughness level of the tile - set at time of map generation

Terrain Sensor

Displays the type of terrain (grass, dirt, water, etc)

Shrubbery Sensor

Are you a shrubber? Names the shrubs and other decoration (including rocks).

Trees Sensor

Amazingly, this sensor provides information about trees. Well, just their name. Which is often just "Tree".


Report bugs in GitHub. Discuss in the forums.

Release Notes

v0.0.3 - 17 Aug 2016 - lots of new sensors, renamed the mod release notes
v0.0.2 - 16 Aug 2016 - performance improvements, en localisation release notes
v0.0.1 - 16 Aug 2016 - initial release release notes