Factorio Druglab

by Shenpen

Adds illicit drug manufacture: Bozuco and cocaine production on a grand scale is possible with the lastest Factorio DrugLab equipment. More information: http://www.resourceaddiction.com/factorio-druglab/

3 years ago
0.15 - 0.17


Where do i find some hydrogen?
Hydrogen is made in electrolysis or in saltwater electrolysis.

Where do I find some charcoal?
Charcoal is a byproduct of burning wood to ash in the drugfurnace.

What am I supposed to do with my depleted tarsands? I'm literally drowning in the stuff.
Depleted tarsands are used in the production of asphalt. When you have paved the world you can use the rest for making landfill. That allows you to fill up any lake that blocks the view of industrial splendor.

Why am I not able to speed up oil agitators or leaf cookers with speed modules?
A lot of the technology used in DrugLab is of Russian origin, build from secondhand scrap or otherwise not in mint condition. You just cant polish a turd.