Composite Factories: Base

by Sopel

A library mod for other composite factories mods.

24 days ago
1 year, 5 days ago
Latest Version:
1.4.1 (24 days ago)
Factorio version:
380 times

Composite Factories: Base

This is a library mod that allows creation of "factory" entities. The description here is general and does not present the capabilities of this particular mod in isolation.

Currently available extensions:
- PyBlock (Will be replaced after PyAE comes out)

The premise of this mod is to provide a way to create entities that can replace complex factories. The idea is that one [mod author] turns big builds into one entity that takes the parts as ingredients and that entity can be later used as a replacement for tedious buildings that take UPS. This mod abstracts the process of defining these entities, and the handling of them.

The composite factories can be crafted in two ways.
1. Using normal assemblers - it's factorio afterall. However, some limitations due to maximum number of ingredients might apply.
2. Using a special crafting station - functions as a chest, and takes crafting materials from its inventory. Requires manual input. This is how the GUI for it looks.

This is how these factories look in the world.

And here's an example factory from the pyblock extension producing some basic fluids/gasses:

How to use this library

TODO: describe that it's necessary to create a mod to add new composite facotires and how to make your own mod that uses this base


Copy a specific composite factory recipe from an assembler to a requester chest to request just enough materials for one craft.