[ Scenarios ]car_defenes

by itam

In this challenging world, use your wisdom to build favorable strategies. Protect your car and keep the insects attacking again and again. Seriously think about the use of RPG, occupy the field assembly machine, find treasure, buy powerful weapons, and upgrade your base in the market

3 days ago
1 year, 1 month ago
Latest Version:
3.6.8 (3 days ago)
Factorio version:
468 times

The following content comes from translation´╝îbeacuse my english is bad.

HOW to use the map:
Please ensure that the scene file is in the 'AppData Roaming Factorio scenarios' directory.

Map features:

RPG system:
4 attributes: strength, agility, magic and vitality
Strength: increase your melee damage, backpack size, drone damage, and the number of drones following
Agility: increase your hand rubbing speed and running speed
Magic: Allows you to use powerful magic skills, and even summon the Worm Nest
Vitality: increases your HP, recovers HP by eating fish

Talent system:
There are 38 different talents in the map. You can choose one at the beginning of the game, and it will take effect permanently.

Powerful bugs:
1. Insects will increase HP, attack power and attack intensity with time, and your base will suffer from a strong attack
2. Insects will build fortresses to prevent your expansion, and even set up heavy artillery to attack you.
3. The worms will have BOSS, and they have extremely high HP
4. There are 2605 waves of worms!

Difficult task:
You will be born with a car. You must protect your car. If your car is killed by insects, the game will restart!
Your car has extra interior space! And tanks, spiders, have more space
At the same time, your car will also give you some benefits

Treasures and shops:
There will be many stores and treasures in the wild, waiting for your excavation

Occupy the assembly machine:
There are some assembly machines near the birth site, which need you to start by occupying the assembly machine in the field.
You need to put 10 buildings beside the assembly machine in the field and keep them in continuous operation. After a period of time, the home assembly machine will start

World Travel
If you are defeated by bugs, the game will restart randomly from 4 worlds

Multiple upgrades:
You can upgrade the health of walls and turrets in the main market. Our insect HP damage and so on

World record:
Acehotter: launch the rocket at 366 wave
Noneofone: launch the rocket at 1217 wave´╝îFinal wave has passed
Shawnk: launch the rocket at 1400 wave´╝îFinal wave has passed

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