Very BZ

by brevven

Mod pack for all BZ Mods including Titanium, Lead, Tungsten, Silicon, Zirconium & Foundry. Turns on some settings by default, but adds nothing new to the game itself.

3 months ago


Version: 0.3.0
Date: 2021-02-17
    - Added Graphite & Diamonds to the modpack.
      Stay at 0.2.0 if this breaks your factory.
    - Carbon black will be enabled by default. This modifies oil processing. Can be turned off.
    - Diamond reuse in low density structures is on by default. Can be turned off.
    - Foundry refractory recipes will now be enabled by default. Can be turned off.
Version: 0.2.0
Date: 2021-01-29
    - Added Foundry to the modpack. Some parts still might change, but it seems ready.
      Due to this, Advanced Carbon Furnace will no longer be available in the full modpack.
      If either of these changes break your factory, recommend staying at 0.1.0
    - Silica & Silicon MEMS gyroscope is enabled by default (can be turned off)
    - New thumbnail
Version: 0.1.0
Date: 2021-05-18
    - Mod pack that contains all BZ mods