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Technology and Recipe restructuring.

4 months ago
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g Too Much Aluminium

4 years ago

Yeah, its me again...
My base grow a bit since last chat, and now its consuming around 12GW of energy, not including 3 GW of equivalent energy on Burner and Heat furnaces from my Mod.
This is just a bit of context. My base current produces 5k/min of each Science.
Every Hour i produce/consume:
1.9 M aluminium
1.6 M Iron
1.3 M Copper
350 K Steel (i changed the recipe for steel to use 2 iron ore and 5 oxygen)
The Problem is, Low Density Structure uses too much Aluminium, and Utility Science pack uses a lot of LDS.
The process chain of aluminium is a bit of a pain, but i think its fine, but Half of my total energy goes to produce aluminium to a single product. 20 aluminium is too expensive, maybe lowering a bit? to 15, maybe 12. You could increase a bit in Titanium and/or Plastic.
Another solution (maybe), is to create another recipe for LDS, more than 1 way to build LDS.
Also, did you know that Iron Man was Right? Titanium Gold alloy is possible and it is 4 times stronger.

3 years ago

Gold is heavy with a low melting point, makes me wonder what the weight and melting point of such an alloy would be.

3 years ago
(updated 3 years ago)

Looking at the recipe in revamp, I don't set the quantities of any parts, I just do a "Replace Steel with Titanium, Replace Copper with Aluminium", although I could change quantities, it's kind of a pain compared to doing a replace.

Also, it kinda gives Aluminium more of a use, it's rarely used up until this point. (the occasional T3 machine might use it, or invar, or brass, or cobalt-steel, there's quite a lot of materials at that tier.)

Tier 2 is pretty much "Steel" and later ones are are mostly Titanium or Tungsten.

3 years ago

Titanium Gold Alloy is made on very high temperatures, a lot more than both melting points, and they form a very specific crystalline structure, definitively affects the melting point, but still has little information on internet.

About the use of Aluminium, yes, its very noticeable thought the game, uses very little in the beginning and then need a ton on the last 2 sciences. I will just make another tweak, i have my unique mod just for these personal tweaks.

Talking about Tungsten, i liked the Rocket Engine on the recipe for the Rocket Part, but its too simple. Its just 1 Tungsten Plate. Maybe adding a Recipe called Heavy Rocket Engine, using Tungsten Carbides, Tungsten Gears and pipes, and maybe Fly Frame.
In real life, the rocket engine is literally the most complex and difficult part to build in a space rocket.

Just some ideas, if im annoying to much, just tell me, sometimes i get carried away.

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