Bob's Revamp mod

Technology and Recipe restructuring.

2 months ago
0.13 - 1.1

b NaCl-CaCO3-NH4Cl-LiClO4,You formula is miss NaCl

4 years ago

NaCl-CaCO3-NH4Cl-LiClO4,You formula is miss NaCl process,I can‘t play it with angel’s Mod. Yes,Angel's MOD has NaCl,but I can‘t use it for Li- process to make LiClO4 for Li-ion battey.
PS: I hope CaCO3,NH4Cl,NaCl,and more is same thing for angel's MOD.........

4 years ago

Salt is NaCl.

Angel has his own NaCl item seperate from mine, He changes all instances of my Salt into his NaCl.

However, this is a new recipe chain, he hasn't written in the exceptions to deal with this yet.

You may want to turn off Extra Chemistry mode in mod settings under Bob Revamp until then.
Do it from the main menu, you can't do it while a game is currently running.

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