Bob's Mining

Adds some useful mining tools and entities.

2 months ago
0.13 - 1.0

b Error Upon Loading

2 years ago

So I installed most of Angel's and Bob's Mods, but upon lading I get this error:

After disabling Skandragon's Advanced Mining, it worked.

Do you think you can look into the compatibility? (And/or have a warning about it)

2 years ago

compatibility is likely beyond my control. Skandragon could doing something wonky in his mod if attempting to load his version of an assembling machine 3 graphic causes an error with my mods.

Are you sure you're not just running out of VRAM or something? the game is a little VRAM hungry as it is, and installing lots of mods can cause issues.

A possibly solution is to try lowering your graphics settings and see if it makes a difference to the mods loading together.

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