Bob's Mining

Adds some useful mining tools and entities.

2 months ago
0.13 - 1.0

b Reverse Factory Crash

3 years ago

Now not sure it it's this mod specifically or another but since it specifies bob's-mining-drill, I'll just take a guess. When ever you run it with Reverse Factory, it crashes. Just wanted to report the incompatibility don't shoot the messenger.

3 years ago

which mods are you using?
because i have the same problem with the bobs mining drill
but it appears after loading the mods at ca. 10-12% loading game state
i hope bob will answer in time

3 years ago

Uhh.. if something fails to load with Reverse Factory, 95% chance the problem is on Revere Factory's end. Usually the fix just involves me adding an optional dependency to the problem mod, forcing it to load first, so that nothing changes when my mod attempts to add reverse recipes. But I've used these mods together plenty, and they've worked just fine?

The issue's probably been resolved by now, but just saying, report these issues to Reverse Factory first.

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