Bob's Inserters migration mod. deprecated

Instructions: With Logistics mod version 0.13.4 or older installed, install this mod, load the game, then save. Then upgrade the logistics mod to version 0.13.5 to complete the migration and continue as normal. Once you have saved the game with this mod installed, it is save to remove it.

4 years ago

g Migration problem

4 years ago


Im follwoing your instructions but after updating logistics mod through mod portal to most current version and disabling migration mod inserters are still missing and there is no 0.13.5 version.

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4 years ago

I am not try to sound lazy or mean here but it is kind of ridiculous that I have to do all of this to try and bring back all of the nice inserters. I kind of wish you would just try and fix the mod itself (If not then I will understand if you respond that is) especially when jegrek says that this did not work either.

Hope you read this and have a good day!

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