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Angels Mods

Be aware that removing and/or adding angel mods to a running game will mess things up (recommended is starting a new game)

I. Angel's Infinite Ores

Add infinity ores to spawn in addition to the regular existing ores. Supports Vanilla Ores, BobsOres and YuokiOres. Usage of the RSO mod is highly recommended, it features the generation of ore patches which have a percentage of infinite ores thanks to orzelek!

II. Angel's Refining

Replaces all ores patches with new once which you have to refine prior to smelting. All the ores (from base/bobs/YI) will be replaced by 6 new compound ores (Saphirite, Stiratite, Crotinnium, Jivolite, Rubyte, Bobmonium) and a new wells (Fissure). The mined compound ores have to be refined before you are able to smelt and cast them into plates. More advanced refining methodes will result in a higher yield of processed ores and may unlock new refined ores.

There are 2 different modes currently:

  • Vanilla mode, where you refine for iron, copper and uranium ore.
  • Bobs-Angels (BA), where you refine for a lot of modded ores. Works best in conjunction with Bobmods and supports additional mods like Yuoki Industries, Uranium Power and Nucular.

III. Angel's Petrochem

Changes and adds how Oil processing works. Aside from Coal and Oil Wells in vanilla, Gas Well are added to the game as raw carbon sources. Raw resources have to be processed and transformed though chemical processing chains to gain plastic, resin, rubber and fuels. Also adds the chemical basics for other mods to use: chlorine, nitrogen, sulfur and other chemical compounds are added. Includes alternative skin for the chemical plant matching the gfx style from petrochem.

IV. Angel's Metallurgy Smelting

Instead of putting ores into a regular furnace, Metallurgy Smelting provides advanced processing chains to produce plates and wires, increasing ore yield at the expense of space and energy.

V. Angel's Bio Processing

Explore the alien planet to find the Flora (plant life) and Fauna (animal life) and use it to your advantage.

  • Nauvis Processing
    • Algae Farming: Different Algae live of a variety of liquid solutions and growth enhancer, they then can be processed for the element they metabolized while growing. Green Algae live of Mineralized Water and produces fibers which can replace some aspects of wood. Brown algae live of Saline Water and produces salts and acid that can be combined with the fibers to produce paper. Red Algae live of Thermal Water and produces Silicate heavy comounds. Blue Algae live of Waste Water and produces Nitrogen heavy compounds.
    • Arboretum: By exploring the planet you find different types of deciduous tree in addition to the coniferous trees of the base game. Extract seeds out of these trees and start growing your own trees as a renewable source of wood. More advanced processing leads to more advanced tree growth, allowing you to extract Resin, Plastic and Rubber out of these special trees.
  • Vegetabilis Processing
    • By exploring the planet you find gardens that you can investigate and refine to seeds. These seeds allow you to grow plants yourself. Process these plants for nutrients, fuel and oils.
  • Animalis Processing
    • Catch fish and breed them as a renewable way of regenerating your health. Process their water to extract Alien Spores which can be processed further for alien artifacts.
    • Explore the planet to find Puffer Nests to obtain Puffer Eggs. Breed your smelly puffers to obtain different ways of processing gasses.
    • Do some experiments on your Puffers and maybe you can breed some tame biters yourself. Study them in order to obtain crystals from them, which can come in handy to increase your factory productivity or speed them up.

VI. Angel's Industries

Invest in new technologies earlier! Have some logistical advantages by using Angel's logistics.

This mod has some new overhaul settings:

  • Industry Overhaul: Add a new mode: Pure-Angel, no Bobs mods required! (BA) Everything contained by Angels mods only. Does also work with bobs mods.
  • Component Overhaul (Beta): All the complex machinery does not come out of the blue, add complex chains to create advanced intermediate products for your buildings. There is also an optional setting that will give you the building ingredients back instead of the building itself (without losses), because all these complex machinery is not so trivial to remove efficiently.
  • Technology Overhaul (Alpha): Instead of science packs, use different science analyzers and datacores to research new innovative way to grow your factory.

VII. Angel's Exploration (ALPHA)

The alien life forms do not like you as much as you may like them. Add different tiers of biters and new weapons to counter these creatures.

VIII. Angel's Add-ons

VIII.I. Storage Options

  • Warehouses: Add big buildings to store bulk amounts (768 slots) of products. Also includes (smaller, 512 slots) logistic versions!
  • Ore Silos: Add 6 silos themed to fit with the compound ores introduced in Angel's Refining, able to store bulk amount of ores (256s lots). Also includes logistic versions!
  • Pressure tanks: Add a high volume pressure tank to store a lot of fluid, useful when playing with Angel's Petrochem.

VIII.II. Mass Transit

  • Petrochem Train: Add a Petrochem themed train with 1 type of locomotive and 2 types of fluid wagons, themed after the oil and gas tanks added in Angel's Petrochem. There are settings to enable multiple tiers of this train.
  • Smelting Train: Add a Metallurgy Smelting themed train with 2 types of locomotives (regular for the first locomotive and a tender for in between) and a high capacity cargo wagon (64 slots) for long distance traveling between your base and mining outposts! There are settings to enable multiple tiers of this train.
  • Crawler Train: Add an an industry themed train with 2 types of locomotive and 2 types of cargo wagons, one capable of carrying construction bots! There are settings to enable multiple tiers of this train.


Another type of crawler, the Crawler Autonomous Base. Deploy the C.A.B. and have a small mobile power unit so you can deploy buildings on the fly to temporary help you craft by hand!

VIII.IV. Decorations

Add small decorations as tributes to the lovely community

  • Nilaus Decorations
  • ShredNation Decorations

X. Development and Discussion

For discussions and information about the mods. You can also hang out with us on discord:

XI. Bugs & FAQ

For bug reports.

XII. Donations and Chocolate Fund

For chocolates!