Air Filtering Advanced

Add machines that use craftable and refurbishable filters (and electricity) to clear pollution

1 year, 4 months ago
0.14 - 0.18
Beer-Ware License
3 years ago
Latest Version:
0.18.0 (1 year, 4 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.18
31971 times

Update to 0.18 is out. Same as with the 0.17 update of you get stuck after updating this mod to 0.18 delete (or backup) your "mod-settings.dat" file in the mod folder. Other than that everything sould work fine.

Read the changelog if you're using it for 0.17.

This is a update for the mod by Schorty.
TLDR: Use electricity (a lot) and coal to remove pollution.

  • I've re-uploaded the latest original versions for 0.15 & 0.14.
  • Higher tier machines user more power and filters (per pollution) to achieve cleaning but they are faster.
  • If you had the original remove it there probably will be compatibility issues!!!!
  • Bugs: Nothing currently

- Updated for 0.17. (read changelog)
- Updated Rusian locale (thanks MasterLogick) and added changelog file.
- Added an option to swap my mods filters for Angel's Refining coal filter and filter frame. Don't use without Angel's Refining. [it makes filters 5x cheaper in coal]
If you get stuck at loading edit mod-settings.json and dissable the setting.
- Added a module slot to MK6. It only accepts modules that ONLY CHANGE pollution.
Vanilla green modules won't work!!!! Since the machines generate negative pollution if you put a module that reduces pollution you will make the machine worse at cleaning. If you add a module that increases pollution (eg. bob's modules) then you will make it better at cleaning the surrounding pollution.
- Re-upload of 0.6.12. Apparently there is a problem with downloading mods in-game and from browser.
- Made all settings off by default and made it so after you update to 0.6.12 if you had them on the will be turned off.
Hopefully this fixes the issues for everyone that wasn't using bob's mods.
- If you get stuck again just open %appdata%/factorio/mods/mod-settings.json file and edit the 4 settings that start
with "af-" (exclude "") and change from true to false.
- Sorry I couldn't test it better before release.
- Hotfix - fixed MK1 technology prerequisite.
- Made "power bars" optional and added option in the mod settings tab.
(On by default)
- Added optional integration of ingredients from
"Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates" & "Bob's Electronics" mods.
(Both on by default, can chose either/both/none)
- Added optional integration with above mentioned mods in the tech tree.
(On by default, needs mod integrated in order to do anything [Duh!])
-Note! - for any of the bob's mods you also will need bob's library.
- Added "power bars" to represent tiers on icons that i "borrowed" from Zombiee's ShinyGFX mods
check him out
- Added MK6 -180 pollution | 3.0 MW | 15x more filters used for the same cleaning job than MK1 (but faster).
- Fixed translations (most of them were broken but apparently no one noticed :P )
- Tweaked some of the later recipes.
- Increased cost for MK5.
- Module support on MK5 is gone completely if you had modules you lost them (unless you get 0.6.1 and re-save).
- Removed modules from MK5 because they don't work as intended. (you can still take out your modules but won't be able to place new ones, remove these now or on the next update when modules are completely removed from air filters they will disappear. Right now they only reduce the cleaning power or just waste air filters for nothing).
- Swapped graphics for MK2,3 & 4. (colors are similar to Bob's mod).
- Pollution clearing is now correctly done as described and scales directly with power consumed by air filter machines.
- Higher tier machines use more filters per unit of pollution cleared.
(MK5 uses 10x more filters for the same amount of cleaning than MK1 etc.)
- Relative cleaning is now 1x => 2x => 5x => 7.5x => 10x.
Pollution generated is negative to achieve clearing. If it's 0 or less it's not shown in game when you mouse over.
(MK1= -15 / 250 KW, MK2= -30 / 500 KW, MK3= -75 /1.25 MW, MK4= -112.5 / 1.875 MW, MK5= -150 / 2.5 MW)
- Added the rest of the translations.
- Added MK4 & MK5 variants (7.5x/1.5MW and 10x/2MW speed/consumption respectively), MK5 has 1 module slot for either speed or efficiency.
- Renamed the basic machine to MK1 in the mod files (migration should* work).
- Added advanced filter recycling.
- Updated english translations. (other languages are gonna wait a little)
- Changed the electricity usage for the basic and MK2 machines to scale with the MK3 usage.
(200->250 KW, 350->500 KW, MK3 still is 1 MW).
- Updated the original mod to 0.16

To do:
-Integrate materials from bob's mods (if present). Should make later machines more difficult to manufacture. [Done]
-Add mod settings to change research cost and filter cost/consumption.
-Add advanced (longer lasting) air filters.
-HD sprites. [If any can draw you're welcome :D]
-Add smaller 2x2 and larger 5x5 machines and pollution sensors that output the amount of pollution in their respective pollution chunk [32x32 tiles] so that you can turn on/off air filters and pollution production entities since there is no point in clearing pollution if its barely there. (don't expect this any time soon just future possibility).
-Add an option to "store" the pollution in fluid (less likely) or solid items, transport it and then filter it in a larger much faster machine. Destroying tank will release the pollution back. (will be tricky since I don't want people to remove fluid tank and replace it to magically get rid of pollution)
-Swapping MK2,3 & 4 colors, adding the rest of the translations, giving air filter machines their own row in the crafting tab. [Done]
-Add MK4 and MK5 variants (once I get the sprites done, color styles would be similar to bob's assembly) [Done]
-Add modules to higher tier filter machines. [Done -> Epic fail].
-Add an advanced recycling research to refurbish filters faster (and cheaper-ish). [Done]
-Add MK6 variant. [Done]

You can build air filtering machines, which reduce the pollution in an area around them. Used air filters can be recycled to be used again.
Further technologies enable you to build higher tier air filtering machines, which reduce the pollution even more, but at the cost of more energy usage and consumption of air filters.