Advanced Logistics System

Extended Logistics Network View and Monitoring

4 years ago
0.13 - 0.15
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.5.1 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 0.15
42737 times

Advanced Logistics System

The Advanced Logistics system is an essential tool to keep track of items within your logistics network, it will show you a detailed list of all the items within and outside your logistics network, and provide you with tools to manage, sort, search and filter that information.

The system also provide you with information on your Logistics Networks, and the status of the robots within it, you can rename, and view each individual network and keep track of how many robots are charging or waiting to charge, you can also filter you items by a specific network.

The system keeps track of all the logistics and non logistics containers along with the items stored inside them, and will provide you with a list of those items, you can also take a closer look at each of the items and inspect where it's being stored.

The system also comes with some useful tools, such as utilizing robots to view the location of a container, or ordering your robots to deconstruct a container, there are also some experimental tools that can be enabled by the brave, these include teleportation and remote container upgrades.


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Github Repository: anoutsider/advanced-logistics-system



  • Upgrade for factorio version 0.15.x - mickael9
  • Improve search functionality
  • Change default GUI input key to "N"


  • Upgrade for factorio version 0.14.x


  • Remove chest names preloading
  • Add null check to number formatting fucntions
  • Add German Locale


  • Various bug fixes and init code imporvement for old and new installs - mickael9
  • Improvement to the search events and GUI - mickael9
  • Fix for Factorissimo and 0 radius roboports - mickael9
  • Change default close gui input key to "Shift + ESC" this can be customized from the game options, but if you use a key like "E" it i will break it's default game behaviour


  • Compatibility update for factorio 0.13
  • Use dynamic sprites for all item and GUI icons
  • Add a custom input/key to toggle the mod view on and off, and another separate custom input to close it - can be customized from the game options menu
  • Update the networks filter list to be scrollable and searchable, and triggering network selection when clicking a network name in the list
  • Add search to the main networks view
  • Add chest filters to the disconnected chests view
  • Add descriptive and informational tooltips to various GUI elements
  • Change all search functionality to use "on_gui_text_changed" instead of on_tick and click events
  • Change checkbox functionality to use "on_gui_checked_state_changed" for network filters instead of click events
  • Misc GUI and style fixes and updates