TA Miners

This is a Fork of (Texugo Texugo TA Miners)... Big Miners inspired on Total Annihilation metal extractors models, adds 3 tiers of massive miners that can mine entire ore spawns

3 months ago

g [DONE]IR2 compatibility

1 year, 1 month ago
(updated 1 year, 1 month ago)

The most expensive miners in the mod IR2 require diamonds. These are rare to find and expensive to craft (using cubic press).
With the TA miners mod, diamonds become useless ... also the miners are too cheap on the IR2 resource scale.

There is also a problem that flying robot frame recipe is hidden in the IR2 mod, making it impossible to craft the mantle extractor without hacks.


1 year, 1 month ago

I'm going to make a fix for this really soon thanks for the notice!

11 months ago

Thanks for your time and effort, I love this mod for its TA nostalgia and mining ease!

If you want I can make more detailed recipe proposals?

11 months ago

Yeah that wold help a lot thanks also I'm very sorry I had since a month (more) a big update of the mod that I was sure was uploaded... (1.1.2)

I'm going to push that update really soon because it change quite a lot of things in the recipes...

10 months ago
(updated 10 months ago)

I experimented a bit and came up with the following.

crust_extractor: unchanged

{"crust_extractor", 1},
{"chrome-drill", 2},
{"steel-plate-heavy", 250},
{"pipe", 100},
{"speed-module-2", 10},

{"moho_extractor", 1},
{"chrome-drill", 5},
{"invar-plate-special", 250},
{"pipe", 200},
{"speed-module-3", 5},
{"diamond-gem", 100},


  • remove dependency of mantle_extractor on robotics

  • add dependency of moho_extractor on ir2-mining-2 (which enables chrome-drill)

10 months ago

done but the technology edit is still not possible with the current code, sorry (1.1.3)

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