Wear and Tear

by withers

Adds wear and tear mechanics to the game, plus automated maintenance.

4 years ago
0.14 - 0.15
5 years ago
Latest Version:
1.4.2 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.15
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Now include new features: Evolution inhibitor toxin....... a duel purpose deadly gas. It can be weaponized and dispersed along your perimeters, and also temporarily inhibits evolution when dumped into the atmosphere at sufficient levels, so you can build your marathon base in peace....


This mod adds wear and tear mechanics to the game. Mining drills, assembling machines, pumpjacks, oils refineries, chemical plants, electric furnaces, steam engines and solar panels all age and degrade over time. Machines added by other mods age as well. Machines that run constantly age faster than machines that are idle. Machines made of higher grade materials have improved durability.

There are 4 stages of wear:

  • new: small bonus to speed and less pollution
  • aging: normal speed and pollution
  • old: significant speed penalty and double pollution.
  • dilapidated: crippling speed penalty and massive pollution. Stops working completely after a while.

You will receive an alert whenever a machine reaches the end of its useful life. Old machines also show on the mini-map. This can be toggled off in settings.

The stage of aging, old and dilapidated machines are shown in the name of the entity in the information panel. Old machines periodically emit smoke and dilapidated machines emit a lot of smoke. You can check the remaining useful life of a machine by moving the cursor over it and pressing CTRL-A.

Old machines can be recycled for 50% of the ingredients. If you remove a dilapidated machine, it becomes a pile of scrap metal, which can be smelted into iron plates. With more advanced tech, you can also refurbish old machines to restore them, however this requires you to make universal spare parts, which requires alien loot to craft. Both the recyclers and refurbishers will automatically adjust their recipe to recycle/refurbish any machine brought to it. (so you only need to build one for automation).

You can configure the intervals for each stage of wear in the settings. Actual times may vary depending on the machine type, how often it is used, the type of metal used in build it, and a little randomness. You can also configure which machines types age.


Old or dilapidated machines will automatically be removed and replaced by your construction bots. You can configure which machines (or none) are to be automatically replaced in the settings. To make sure a machine gets replaced, you must: (a) make sure the machine is inside a construction network (the green zone) (b) Have a suitable replacement item in a provider or storage chest that is in the logistics network (orange zone). Bots will scan roughly every 6 seconds for old equipment. When found, they deconstruct the old machine, placing all of its contents in storage, retrieve a new machine from storage, build the new machine, and finally transfer the orientation, recipe and any modules to the new machine.

Also, for more advanced automation, you get access to diagnostics scanners after researching circuit networks. Place these devices in a logistics network. They will automatically scan for old machines in need of replacement and send a signal for that machine into any connected circuit network.


If you have my other mod, Followers, you can have followers help you maintain aging equipment. To do this, simply assign the follower to "follow", give him a supply of repair kits, and lead him to some aging equipment that is emitting smoke. The follower will automatically repair and restore useful life to the the equipment. Followers will also stop to repair any aging equipment they pass by while assigned to a route.


It turns out Nauvis is an ideal planet for building factories. The local species have been genetically engineered by unknown forces to manufacture adaptive nanobots directly from the DNA in thier blood cells. Thats just amazing! The nanobots can be extracted by the goop the aliens drop as loot, and used as a key ingredient in producing universal spare parts. Universal spare parts can be used to refurbish any "old" machine into a brand new one. Refurbishers (and recyclers) are special assembling machines which scan chests that feed them and automatically set it's recipe to recycle/refurbishing anything brought to it. In this way you can 100% automate all of the machine replacements in your base.

Alternatively, the goop you can be used to manufacture inhibitor toxin, which has unique properties capable of suppressing the rapid evolution currently taking place within the local species. If you feed this the toxin into a special boiler, you can dump the emissions directly into the atmosphere. It can also be delivered to your perimeter via pipe and used as a gas weapon. The toxin boilers, as well as ordinary pipe, have vents which can be toggled open by pressing CTRL-V. If you dump the emissions into the atmosphere until it reaches sufficient levels, it will slow down or even temporary halt evolution process. This is an effective way to prevent the enemy from overpowering your base, giving you more time To build that rocket and get off this wretched planet! The bug GUI can be clicked for more information. To prevent waste, you should generally continue dumping toxins into the atmosphere until the bar completely fills up. Colors of GUI bug are as follows.

  • Red: No effect. aliens are evolving at normal speeds.
  • Yellow: aliens are evolving, but at slower speeds.
  • Green: alien evolution is suppressed.
  • Orange: Although you have developed sufficient toxin levels, aliens are resisting the effects and are evolving anyway.


Should be compatible with most mods. I am not aware of any current conflicts. See readme file for more details?



  • Fix a few bugs related to Followers.
  • Aging equipment that could use maintenance from Followers now emit smoke.


  • This update is to add compatibility with my other mod, "Followers." If you have that mod, Followers can now perform maintenance on aging equipment to extent it's service life. To assign followers to maintain equipment, place a waypoint sign near the equipment, stock the follower with iron plates and assign to "Route". Maintaining equipment costs iron plates. The more expensive the equipment, the more iron plates it costs. I'll be expanding this functionality later.

1.3.12 - bug fix (vent hotkey)


  • Added a special durability bonus in config (currently empty) so people can add custom durability bonuses to specific entities.
  • Improved code for looking up durability bonuses
  • Fixed issue with certain entities losing "direction" when aging.
  • The flavor text seen as alerts when equipment ages can now be localized.


  • Added an option to hide recycle and refurbish recipes in crafting menus.
  • (Hopefully) fixed a conflict with Yuoki's mods.
  • Modified the localisation coding to allow more flexible localisation.


  • Recyclers and refurbishers should now be able to detect old equipment on belts. (They had to be in a chest before)
  • Revisited the old inventory item tracking once again. Under the new system, there's no longer any need to make the stack size = 1 for age-able items.


I decided I should make the inhibitor toxin a little easier to work with, especially as a weapon. So.....

  • You can now toggle the vents in the toxin boilers on/off. Mouse over the boiler and press CTRL-V. When the vent is closed, toxin will not be released into the atmosphere. It will instead build up inside the boiler, just like steam in the steam boiler. Now this deadly steam toxin can be transported to other locations and used against the enemy.

  • Ordinary pipe sections now have vents. Or, more specifically, END-pipe has vents. You can toggle these vents open/closed the same way. (mouse over and press CTRL-V). So..... boil the toxin, transfer the deadly steam to your borders via pipe, and open the vent on that pipe. Stand back watch the carnage....

  • Just for the hell of it, I decided to extend this functionality to all gases. Any gas that's in a pipe can now be dumped into the atmosphere be pressing CTRL-V on the pipe to open the vent. Warning: Dumping raw gas into the atmosphere is really bad for the environment. Don't let liberals catch you doing this. heh


  • The Inhibitor toxin is now quite hazardous. Both to you, and the enemy.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on GUI icon when there's no pollution.


New Features: You can now use looted alien goop to make inhibitor toxin, in addition to the universal spare parts. Boiler the stuff in a toxin boiler, it releases a pink cloud of toxin emissions into the atmosphere. This toxin, after building up sufficient levels, can temporarily suppress alien evolution. New clickable GUI and progress bar indicates whether and how effective the toxin is. Effectiveness depends on how much pollution is currently in the atmosphere. Aliens will eventually build up a tolerance to the toxin. Warning, dumping too much into the atmosphere can be wasteful. Use the GUI to plan accordingly. You still need the alien goop to make universal spare parts.

Effective use of this feature can hold off the enemy from overwhelming and overpowering your base during those long, heavily modded, marathon games.

Currently the new recipes and features are available at the start of the game. A future release will move it behind a tech research.

See forum thread for complete change log.