Vehicle turrets

Adds upgradeable vehicle gun and rocket turrets, for a fun alternative to turret creep

26 days ago
0.14 - 1.1

a Changelog

3 years ago
(updated 26 days ago)

-Now compatible with version 1.1

-Fixed some multiplayer crashes

-Now compatible with 0.18

-Added thumbnail

-Now compatible with 0.17
-Rebalanced science packs required for upgrades to be more in line with other upgrades
-Updated rocket magazine damage and speed upgrades to fit with the new rocket upgrades

-Fixed a crash that happened when starting pvp games. (Maximum vehicle turrets starts at max)

-Fixed weird movement introduced by a recent base game update

-Now compatible with Factorio version 0.16

-Will automatically use uranium bullets
-Added uranium rocket magazine
-All levels of rocket speed upgrades now work for rocket magazines
-Infinite rocket damage upgrades now work for rocket magazines
-Slight balance changes

-Now compatible with factorio version 0.15.
Note: This is a quick update to make it work, the mod still needs infinite research and uranium versions of ammunition, which will come in a later update.

-Ammo added by other mods will now be refilled automatically
Note: You need to manually insert the ammo once for the mod to recognize the new ammo type.

-Fixed a crash caused by last update when deconstructing items with drones

-Now also returns turret ammo to player when mining a vehicle with active turrets
-Mining vehicles added by other mods will now auto mine active turrets

-Added compatibility with AAI Programmable Vehicles

-Changed technology initialization to be compatible with other mods

-Fixed a crash that would occur when other mods research technologies several times

3 years ago

0.15 update?

3 years ago

I will update it for 0.15, but it's gonna take quite a while to do I think, with all the combat rebalancing and different science packs. I've been busy lately and will be for some more time, so I can't promise when I will have it done, but I'll try to get it done shortly after 0.15's stable release, or have it ready before, in case they take a long time to get it ready :P

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