Vehicle turrets

Adds upgradeable vehicle gun and rocket turrets, for a fun alternative to turret creep

3 years ago
0.14 - 1.1

b Creative mode conflict

I wanted to try the mod with Creative Mode mod with cheats enabled. At the moment of placing a car I got this error:

Error while running event on_built_entity(ID 6) Vehicle-turrets/turrets.lua:273: attempt to index global 'turretTables' (a nil value)

6 years ago

The error happens only when choosing to start a game with cheats with creative mode, because it for some reason researches my technology 3 times. I have updated the mod now to make sure that other mods can't break it in that way, so you should be good now.

Thanks for letting me know =)

Thanks for updating. Very nice mod!!

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