UPS Friendly Nixie Tube Display

Fork of Santa's Nixie Tubes. Adds options to make it more UPS friendly.

7 months ago
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g Separate Nixie Tubes Beside Eachother

3 months ago
(updated 3 months ago)

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to unlink nixie tubes that are beside each other.
Specifically I am trying to make a time display, HH:MM:SS but it looks weird for example when you are at 4 minutes and 3 seconds as you can see in the below image.

I thought I could fix this by hooking up separate signals to each nixie tube, for the minutes example I could have the leftmost nixie tube display (Minutes / 10) from an arithmetic combinator so 4 minutes would show 0, 14 minutes would show 1, etc... However even with a wire directly attached to a nixie tube it is still linked to the one beside it.

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