UPS Friendly Nixie Tube Display

Fork of Santa's Nixie Tubes. Adds options to make it more UPS friendly.

7 months ago
Circuit network

i Is it possible to make blocks of 3?

5 months ago

That displays thousands, mills.

5 months ago

Yeah, when you put displays next to each other, they automatically sync up. Connect the wire to the right-most display.

5 months ago

Yes, I understand it. But if I have 1 piece of 3 displays together I can put 999 or 999.999 in one or two triple displays

5 months ago

I'm not entirely sure what you are asking. The game's circuit network does not allow for decimals, so 999.999 is just not a thing (Unless they changed that very recently).
If you put 3 of the big displays together, you can display 0 to 999. The small displays are two decimals each, so 3 of those together would be able to display 0 to 999999.

5 months ago

Thank you

5 months ago
(updated 5 months ago)

He is talking about a visual appearence of a large number aka thousand separator.
if we want to use small nixie tube, we get numbers with a "hundreds separator", and not thousand.

for example, it take more time to read |4|02|18|00|, than |4|021|800|,
or how much is that: |50|00|00|00|00|? 500 mil? 50 mil?
I need to count zeros, that takes idk, 4 seconds, but the same number with the thousand separators |5|000|000|000|, it tooks milliseconds to read 5 billion.

therefore, small nixie tube (1 tile height) with 3 numbers in a row, maybe 2 tile wide would be helpful.

3 months ago

Yeah, I've actually wanted this as well for a while. It's in my todo queue to automatically merge them into a single larger nixie display, with an extra digit in between.

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