UPS Friendly Nixie Tube Display

Fork of Santa's Nixie Tubes. Adds options to make it more UPS friendly.

7 months ago
Circuit network

b neg number/color option

6 months ago

Great job but I have a couple of issues that need your attention. Would love it if you could get this fixed ASAP.
1. Displaying a negative number does not work.
2. The use color option is not working.

6 months ago

These aren't bugs. Neither of them were ever implemented by the original mod creator. I just took it over and fixed a bunch of UPS issues it had. I might add these features at some point, but I don't have time at the moment.

6 months ago

Thank you for the quick response. I completely understand and would definitely appreciate a fix to this. I would ask that you place this bit of knowledge in your mod description.

6 months ago

It's in the description for the original mod, which I assume people read, since I don't actually list any description for this one, other than the changes I made.

  • Only positive numbers (negative numbers will show up as positive numbers at this time)
  • No colors (Nixies are commonly orange from the gas in the tube, maybe i'll look into adding this feature)

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