UPS Friendly Nixie Tube Display

Fork of Santa's Nixie Tubes. Adds options to make it more UPS friendly.

8 months ago
Circuit network

b Infinite Invalid nixie bug

9 months ago

I deleted a sandbox in the mod"Removed blueprint sandbox, and when i did it the mod started spamming in chat "Removed an invalid nixie..." because some nixie where deletes inside it.

8 months ago

That's odd. It should only do that once for each nixie as it updates its nixie table. Can you send me your save file?

8 months ago

I kinda removed the mod after 5 hours of that... but I reinstalled it, placed a nixie, deletes the surface and here we go again.
(I placed only 3 nixie, one for each type)
Download -

8 months ago

Just uploaded a fix for that.

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