by Yehn

A minimalist starter kit with a tier 0 power armor, a mini low-output reactor, and the accoutrements you need for robot construction. As simple as 'Install and Play', but includes optional loadout customization for those looking to tailor their experience - such as using solar power instead.

1 year, 10 months ago
0.14 - 1.1


Note: As of 0.17, Factorio devs have buffed vanilla solar and TinyStart's solar generator has been removed - these charts are no longer up to date. They're left here for the sake of old references for anyone curious.

How are the power options balanced?

These charts provide a basis so you can see how your different power options are balanced. (This mod does not provide a vanilla reactor, but it's included here for comparison purposes).

Total Power Output:

Power per Grid Space Used:

Note that it is possible to have 2 Stirling Solar Generators.