TinyMarathonStart deprecated

by Yehn

A variation of TinyStart that includes some extra resources, for those that dislike the burner phase.

5 years ago
0.15 - 0.16
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.16.0 (5 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.16
Downloaded by:
2 users

This is a variation of TinyStart.

Update: This is now part of TinyStart as a configurable option. (Main Menu -> Options -> Mod Settings). TinyStart includes some new features such as upgrades and loadout customization, but you can still use this version if you wish.

If you want to try Marathon or Deathworld modes, but don't want to spend hours with burner drills, this mod is for you. It includes enough to get a decent (but in Marathon terms, very small) amount of automation going. It does not provide everything and you will still have to craft and expand on the initial setup. Alternatively, you can use it in any game mode for a quicker start.

Included items:
- Tier 0 power armor with robotic equipment (same as TinyStart)
- 24 stone furnaces (Assuming you want a 24 smelter block for iron and copper, this will give you half of each)
- 24 electric drills
- 57 inserters (48 for your furnaces, 3 for boilers, 6 for a starting science setup)
- 3 boilers
- 6 steam engines
- 1 offshore pump
- 6 underground pipes
- 10 pipes
- Enough red science packs for Automation 1 (scales with your research multiplier setting)
- 2 labs
- 50 electric poles
- 300 transport belts

Other items-- such as underground belts, splitters, and assemblers-- are left for you to research and craft. Good luck!

0.16.0 - Updated for factorio version 0.16.
0.15.4 - Now works in sandbox mode. Science packs will now always scale to your difficulty settings. Burner drill removed from spawn kit.
0.15.3 - Corrected starting sci packs.
0.15.2 - Critical file didn't make it to the zip. Fixed.