Time Control

Adds bindings for adjusting game speed.
2 months ago
0.15 - 0.18
Owner: dewiniaid
Source: N/A
Homepage: https://github.com/dewiniaid/TimeControl
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.1.6 (2 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.18
Downloaded: 7997 times


KSP-like time warp for Factorio using keybindings, from 0.25x to 64x speed (if your game can handle it). Inspired
by TimeTools, but using keyboard shortcuts rather than the UI
display and intentionally ignoring all of the other things that mod adds.

Time warp affects all players. In multiplayer games, only admins are allowed to change time warp settings by default.
This can be changed in Mod Settings.

All players will be notified via console message when the game speed is changed, who changed it and the new speed.

Default Keybindings

Like all mods, you can change these in Options -> Controls -> Mods

  • - Halves the current game speed, with a minimum speed of 0.25x.
  • + Doubles the current game speed, with a maximum speed of 64x.
  • BACKSPACE - Resets game speed to normal.

These all reference the keys on the top row of a US keyboard layout, not those on the numpad.


Make minimum and maximum timewarp amounts configurable.


0.1.6 (2020-01-31)

  • Update for Factorio 0.18

0.1.5 (2018-02-26)

  • Update for Factorio 0.17
  • Removed the old permission check for timewarp, which never actually worked. You can now choose between allowing everyone or just admins to timewarp in map settings.

0.1.4 (2018-10-08)

  • Added German translations, courtesy of mrbesen and SuperSandro2000
  • Fix a cosmetic localization bug in mod settings.

0.1.3 (2017-12-13)

  • Fix crash on new games or players joining multiplayer games.

0.1.2 (2017-12-13)

  • Update for Factorio 0.16
  • Made the time indicator display configurable: It can now be always shown, always hidden, or only shown while warping.

0.1.1 (2017-12-11)

  • Add a simple indicator in the upper-left when timewarp is active.