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2 years ago
0.16 - 0.17

g Dont changeing the price

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

if u currently researching one tech, (i meant, i researcing it with science packs) i researeced it near 60%, the price is same, that didnt changed

so for an example : electricity (45468 u coin) i researched it 60 % the price need to go 45468 - (45468*0,6) = 18147
and the plugin didnt calculate the research multiplier, so thats the basic price, if i play with 4-5x research multiplier, the price didnt change to 4x-5x :)

and i see the script, its cant be find the science packs, i play with 30+ science packs, then the prices need to multiply (near 30 times)

for an new example with 30+ science : i need 50 Ore Science -1 pack to research the stone walls, the price is : 4700 u Coin :
but! if i calculate with the science 1 pack the price is : 23.500 u Coin

i think better if the market is calculating with the raw material counts :)

i rly hope u understand it, my english is bad :)

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