Strange Matter

by 5cript

Ever wanted to convert Energy into matter? This mod lets you do this! Configurable amounts for seamless hardcore to cheat difficulty.

1 year, 5 months ago
0.13 - 1.1
6 years ago
Latest Version:
1.0.26 (1 year, 5 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
13232 times


The matter fabrication amount can be configured via a multiplier in the mod options window (Multiplier of 1 = default, 10 = 10 times as much output!). Also can switch to easy research which is 10 times cheaper for most research.
(Valid values between 0.1 to 1000)

What does it add?

  • Support for Bobs Ores
  • A matter fabricator transforming energy into matter.
  • A new purple fluid (liquid matter)
  • New recepies that transform the liquid matter into ores etc
  • Research to unlock all stuff

Spotlight by Xterminator:

How to start?

Research "Quantum Chromodynamics" and you can go about and start crafting a matter fabricator. To unlock synthesis recipes for the assembler, you need to research it first.


Ore = Stone, Iron Ore, Copper Ore. Uranium is more expensive.

(Using the default production factor of 1, can be configured)
10 MW will result in 6 Matter/minute
100 MW will result in 1 Matter/second = 1 Ore/second = 60 Ore/minute.
1 GW (Mk2) will result in 12 Solid Matter/second ~> about 900 Matter/minute.


You can now set a multiplier for matter output.
The default is 1, which results in the calculations above.
I do recommend a higher number though for non-hardcore players who dont plan to build huge nuclear reactors.
Everything between 1 and 10 is reasonable in my opinion.
If you are a solar-only kind of player you should probably go with 5-10.
You can basically transform this mod into a cheatmod by setting the value to 1000.

Whats new?

0.1.3: A mk2 Fabricator, that makes solid QCD matter, which can be transformed into liquid QCD matter in a chem. plant.
0.1.4: I liked the balance of the mk2 fabricator and therefore doubled the production of the mk1 matter fabricator.
I also added putting matter into barrels and oil synthesis!
0.1.5: Alien Artifacts were removed and a Uranium ore recipe was added. Balancing for this one is undecided. Might be too cheap.
0.1.7: Factorio 0.16 support
0.1.8/0.1.9: changed balance slightly. Sythesis Recipes are cheaper now and research got changed (easier in some parts, but harder in others).
0.1.10: Support for Bobs Ores added! Finally!
0.1.11: Mk2 has been nerfed back to where it belongs, and Mk1 speed and power consumption has been divided by 10, so has its recipe cost. This makes it possible to build it much earlier in the game without killing all power.
0.1.12: More balancing and fix that all recipe total cost boil down to matter cost. Some might like that, but I doubt that most would.
0.1.13: Skipped
0.1.14: Drastically reduced Uranium cost.
0.1.15: French translation by Shadowaves. Thank you
0.1.16: Made output configurable.
0.1.17: Research was always cheap due to a stupid untested mistake. Now fixed.
0.1.18: Translation updated, again by Shadowaves. Thanks <3.
0.1.19: Port to 0.17
0.1.20: Part of Port to 0.17
0.1.21: Fixed bug in research recipes in hard recipes.
0.1.22: Fixed research recipes wrongly using space research instead of utility research.
1.0.23: Version Bump for 1.0.0


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