by Zombiee
Sort and organize the recipes in the crafting menu so that's it's cleaner. Meant for use with Bob's, also supports Angel's and Omni.
5 months ago
0.15 - 0.16
Owner: Zombiee
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 1 year, 4 months ago
Latest Version: 0.16.20 (5 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.16
Downloaded: 23263 times

This mod aims to make each tab clean and organized while not drastically changing what is on each tab. Most changes are limited to sorting what's already in a given tab into an orderly format. The primary exception are some bob's items where the vanilla versions appear in one tab and bob's another, these are consolidated.

This mod changes nothing but where icons appear in the crafting menu and recipe selector.

I'm happy to add support for any small mods as well as hear any feedback or other requests.
NOT intended for use with other mods that move icons around. It may not break, but results are likely to be unexpected.

Note - some graphics in the provided pictures are added by my other mods. While I recommend them, they are not required.

If you want a forum thread to yell at me in, just use ShinyBobGFX's thread.

0.16.20 - sortify the mk5 boiler and steam engine

0.16.19 - added basic loader support

0.16.18 - fix crash when you don't have bob-logistics but do have angel-industry

0.16.17 - made basic belts be in order now that undergrounds/splitters also exist.

0.16.16 - mini-machines support
- minor cleanup of things when not using Angel's
-removed my accidental excessive logging

0.16.15 - reverse factory support that I thought I did months ago

0.16.14 - added artifact loot-chest

0.16.13 - sorted mk4 steam engine

0.16.12 - fix for loaders/miniloaders. Minor tweaks

0.16.11 - update for BobLogistic changes

0.16.10 - added miniloaders, changed inserter sorting

0.16.9 - fix for crash if you don't have bob_logistics

0.16.8 - small change, move batteries and iron gears to live with their family

0.16.7 - move Bob's new tiers of inserters if you have em, sort the old versions as they currently are if you don't

0.16.6 - Bob added Uranium shotgun shells, I moved em. Also moved silos and warehouses to the container line again due to overwhelming complaints from myself.

0.16.5 - AAI vehicles. Minor item corrections for reasons

0.16.4 - Took a stab at organizing combat tab. Comments/complaints welcome

0.16.3 - Consolidated all logistic chests in bob-logistics. Corrected some minor bits.

0.16.2 - Some cleanup of bob's intermediate tab (specifically parts of bobwarfare ammos).
Also sorted some one item mods (void chest, loot chest, peppe bot replacer, belt buffer)

0.16.1 - Initial release, did a little cleanup on obvious things. Please report oddities.

bug fix - added dependency for 10x harder
bugfix and minor icon adjust

production tab made pretty

bug fix

Complete rewrite, will no longer move things I don't want moved
Fiddled with robot parts
Logistics, Bob's Logistics and Angels Logistics sorted

Initial release
Logistics and Bob's Logistics tabs complete.