Scravers Atomic Artillery

Adds a new turret to launch nuclear shells, and a new remote for targeting.

7 months ago

b Crashes with angel's trains

4 months ago

Hi. I like that you've separated the remotes for atomic and normal artillery and even provide a new units for differentiation.
Unfortunately i'm unable to make it work with "angel's addons: mass transit" which is a must have for me. The game crashes with this message:

46.861 Loading mod angelsaddons-mobility 0.0.9 (data-final-fixes.lua)
46.867 Error ModManager.cpp:1577: Failed to load mod "angelsaddons-mobility": angelsaddons-mobility/prototypes/train-functions.lua:24: bad argument #1 of 3 to 'insert' (table expected, got string)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'insert'
angelsaddons-mobility/prototypes/train-functions.lua:24: in function 'add_speed_locale'
angelsaddons-mobility/data-final-fixes.lua:51: in main chunk
46.874 Loading mod core 0.0.0 (data.lua)
47.237 Checksum for core: 3123733693
47.342 Error ModManager.cpp:1577: Error in assignID: recipe-category with name 'crafting' does not exist.

Is there any way to fix this?
If it's not your mod's fault please do tell so that I can ask on the other mod's page.

4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)

Edit: duplicate message.

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