ScienceCostTweaker Mod (mexmer)

by mexmer
Allows the cost of research to be tweaked, in terms of count, science packs and time. Edit its configs costs *.lua to tweak the multipliers. - Original mod made by UberWafe, this is adopted 0.16 version
3 months ago
0.16 - 0.17

b Research tree dependency cycle

- 4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)

When loading all the mods with this one included I get the following error:

This happens only when I activate this mod. If I disable it the mod pack works fine.

- 4 months ago

you have not said, what other mods you use
fuel-production is not vanilla tech, it's some other mod tech, and in vanilla advanced-electronics is t2 (unlocks red boards, which are required for t3 lab)

first find out mod, that creates such colision, then i might add fix for that.