ScienceCostTweaker Mod (mexmer)

by mexmer
Allows the cost of research to be tweaked, in terms of count, science packs and time. Edit its configs costs *.lua to tweak the multipliers. - Original mod made by UberWafe, this is adopted 0.16 version
a month ago
0.16 - 0.17

i Silicon Plates in Bio Silicate Extract too much?

- 6 months ago

Just planning the science layout for Burns out QL Bio Processor, and with making 1/s, it comes out I need 35 silicon plate assembling machines to feed the Bio Silicate Extract machines (4). Should Silicon Plates needed be 2x instead of 20x? Petroleum is set at 20 for that recipe which seems correct, but 20 Silicon Plates seems a lot. Thanks

- 5 months ago
(updated 5 months ago)

yes, it is intended.

although i'm not sure about your numbers, ratio should be like 1:4 or 1:5, not 1:10

anyways, i don't plan to do any changes until 0.17 is out.