Satellite Radar

Boost radars by launching satellites

4 years ago
0.12 - 0.15
CC BY-SA 4.0
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.5.0 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.12 - 0.15
7191 times

Current version support is for Factorio Version 0.15
Choose the appropriate version for 0.12-0.14

New for Factorio 0.15!
Check out the in-game options to scale the required satellites to your liking. Launch the game > Options > Mods > Startup tab.

Put your satellites to good use! Each satellite launched on a rocket contributes to the global surveillance network. There are currently 17 added levels of radar performance. Each level changes three parameters of the vanilla radar:

  • increases the always visible square range of each radar by one chunk in both directions
  • increases the max scanning range of each radar by one chunk in both directions
  • decreases the time to scan each sector[/list]

See this table for the current levels included in the mod. The columns are left to right: level, visible range dimensions, scanning range dimensions, total satellites required, energy (time) to scan each sector in MJ. Once there are 1632 satellites in orbit, the visible range will be 41x41 (vanilla is 7x7), the scanning range will be 169x169 (vanilla is 29x29), and the energy per sector scanned will be 1MJ (vanilla is 10MJ). The formulas are based on each chunk added to the visible range requiring 1 satellite.

Hovering over any radar and reading its name will indicate the current level of the radar network.

If running the mod for the first time on an existing map with satellites already in orbit, all vanilla radars on the map will be upgraded after the next rocket launch with a satellite on board. Think of it like initializing the connection between the ground radars and the satellites already in orbit.

The radars are automatically upgraded as the total satellite requirements for each level is met via rocket launches. When building a new radar, simply craft and place like usual, and it will be built with the correct level parameters automatically.

You may easily adjust the scale of satellites via the in-game Options > Mods menu. For those wanting more customization, feel free to increase the max level beyond the provided 17 or alter the formula altogether (look in advanced-settings.lua in v0.5.0+). The current values were chosen to yield roughly 100-200 hours of playtime before reaching level 17, at which point the radars will hopefully be balanced with deep late game expansion needs.

As of v0.3.0, this mod will not affect any special radar entities (e.g. Launch Control, Train Tracker, etc.) created by any other mods. If another mod simply changes the parameters of the vanila radar via data.lua edits instead of creating its own new radar entity (e.g. RSO Radar), upon reaching level 1 in Satellite Radar, all radars will have Satellite Radar parameters.

Preview of various ranges: