Sandro's Fixes

Sorts and organizes the crafting menu and fixes some locals to be more consistent. Currently support for ExtendedAngel, Angel's Bio Processing, Avatars, Bob's Gems from Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates, Taterjr Space Station, ExtraBobs!, Angels Smelting Train, RampantArsenal, Endgame Combat and more.

26 days ago
0.16 - 1.1

i [Waiting for answer] Pls add support for PY mods

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

Hi SuperSandro2000
What do u think about organization of recipes from PY mods?
I think there could be some re-organization for better looking, but in borders of tabs which are exists for all py mods

2 years ago

Could you elaborate?
I don't really want to sort the entirety of py mods.. Maybe you just go to him and ask him polite?
I didn't really play py either so I have no feeling how his mods feel and which items should belong where and how they are used. If you can name a few things that really bother you I can change them but a full sort of his mods is unlikely.

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