Sandro's Fixes

Sorts and organizes the crafting menu and fixes some locals to be more consistent. Currently support for ExtendedAngel, Angel's Bio Processing, Avatars, Bob's Gems from Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates, Taterjr Space Station, ExtraBobs!, Angels Smelting Train, RampantArsenal, Endgame Combat and more.

26 days ago
0.16 - 1.1

b [Fixed] Conflict with the mod bobplates_0.16.5

2 years ago

Perhaps this after the update, gives an error when loading the game:
- Error in assingID, item-subgroup with name 'bob-intermediate' does not exist.
Source: polishing-compound(item).
Conflict with the mod bobplates_0.16.5

2 years ago

I tried to change ...
sort_item_recipe ("grinding-wheel", "bob-intermediate")
sort_item_recipe ("polishing-wheel", "bob-intermediate")
sort_item_recipe ("polishing-compound", "bob-intermediate")
sort_item_recipe ("grinding-wheel", "bob-intermediates")
sort_item_recipe ("polishing-wheel", "bob-intermediates")
sort_item_recipe ("polishing-compound", "bob-intermediates")
it seems earned sorts

2 years ago

Yeah. I always have Shiny Icons installed and never noticed that typo until now. thanks.

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