More Bang for Your Buck

Increases Rocket Damage to be comparable to Tank Cannon Damage (Just a little less so Tank Cannon is still a better option, but makes handheld rockets actually an option to deal with Big Worms etc.). Additional damage configerable in Config.lua
2 years ago
Owner: ToadRoach
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.14.1 (2 years ago)
Factorio version: 0.14
Downloaded: 385 times

Have you often found that the Rocket-Launcher is the last item on the list of your go-to weapons in Factorio,
or found that the Rocket-Launcher is a tad on the useless side?

This MOD aims to make Rocket-Launchers useful
Increases Rocket-Launcher Range to be +1 on Big Worms, to still keep a danger factor of being able to stray into their range while dodging biters, but actually gives you a fighting chance and a small niche use for the rocket launcher
Damage is also increased to 75% of Tank Cannon Damage ie where three Cannon shells will do a job, you might need four rockets.

Change log
0.14.1 - Made Rocket recipe cheaper to extend Rocket launchers viable life before tanks