Remove Military Tech

Removes (hides) all military recipes, items, and technologies from the game. Portable fusion reactor and power armor MK2 technology are modified to not require military technology. Military items won't show up in filters (e.g., requester chests). Prerequistes for certain technologies are modified in order to remove the military technology. Depending on settings, certain military technology is enabled but altered to remove unwanted military items.

20 days ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
3 months ago
Latest Version:
0.0.4 (20 days ago)
Factorio version:
149 times

Removes all military recipes, items, and technology. This only hides the items, recipes, and technologies, so if you ever decide to uninstall this mod, it should revert correctly to your previous state. For example, if you had any military technology unlocked, it will still be unlocked.

This also hides all military items from any filters or other windows where all items are shown (e.g., requester chests). This cleans up those windows to avoid items that you don't care about (note: a setting in the Interface settings does a similar thing).

This also removes weapon and ammo slots from vehicles.

There are options to re-enable certain weapons or items. For example you can turn back on grenades if you want to use them for tree removal. When certain items are enabled, certain military technology is enabled in order to maintain a similar balance. Depending on the options selected, certain military technology has had its effects altered to remove items that are not enabled. Weapon damage/speed upgrade technologies are never enabled.

All enabled military science has its military science pack requirement removed with a slight increase to the quantity needed for the other science packs to compensate.

The player weapon/ammo slots will be cleared (i.e., your weapons will be destroyed) the first time you load this mod into a save, and they will be cleared after each player death. If you enable guns, flamethrowers, or rocket launchers, the slots won't be cleared.

Known bug: There currently isn't a way to hide/remove the weapon/ammo slots at the bottom right of the screen. See this thread:

Mod icon by u/PlasticAlbatross - many thanks!

If you want to make modifications to this mod, please do. You may upload your own versions. I don't really care. Enjoy the game and grow the factory!