Regroup items and recipes for most popular and useful mods. This mod attempts to work with all supported mods together at the same time. This mod has been updated by Richetoku. Original mod, ZGroupChange, by ZlovreD/Progsy.
6 months ago
0.16 - 0.16.16
Owner: Richetoku
Source: N/A
License: GNU LGPLv3
Created: 1 year, 7 months ago
Latest Version: 0.16.11 (6 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16 - 0.16.16
Downloaded: 2680 times

This mod was designed to work with Supported Mods. This is an update to ZGroupChange by Progsy.

If you would like a mod to be supported, make a suggestion on Discord.
If you find a bug, report it on Discord.

      - All recipe/item groups are regrouped to reduce the number of groups.
      - Basic Yuoki Tech Tree, if Yuoki Tech Tree mod not enabled.
      - Removing or disabling similar/unused items which come from different mods.
      - Configurable settings. Change settings as you wish in mod settings.

Change Log:
       - Added Italian translation by Linver.
       - Items in default groups moved to bottom of Regroup groups.
       - Combined some Yuoki and Angel groups to reduce overall groups.
       - Added Reverse Factory support.
       - Added Homeworld Redux support.
       - Added Darkstar Utilities support.
       - Added Clown's Nuclear support.
       - Updated for more mod changes.
       - Redid how groups are ordered.
       - Fixed some items not being grouped properly.
       - Fixed some items not being grouped for filtering.
       - Updated for mod changes.
       - Fixed items not being grouped for filtering.
       - Added support for new items added by various mods.
       - Added support for Angel's Logistics.
       - Fixed sorting for mod items that had recipe names changed(Bio Industries & Bob's Logistics).
       - Added support for new items added to Factorio and various mods.
       - Moved some recipes around based on storage size, power effeciency, power usage.
       - Added support for many mods.
       - Moved Angel's Mod machines to production.
       - Moved many items/recipes.
       - Removed Bob's Synthetic wood setting.
       - Added coal from wood setting.
       - Moved settings to in-game mod settings.
       - Angel's Mod sorting is optional, setting in mod settings. Icons still changed to be similar to other group icon looks.
       - Fixed mod not showing updates when updating within Factorio.
       - Fixed Bob's Mod Drill recipe issue.
       - Fixed crash issue when balance settings turned off.
       - Fixed Ignore_All setting not ignoring adding dust.
       - Added VTK Deep Core Mining Advanced Drill to regrouping.
       - Added config option to hide Bob Electronics.
       - Added Versepelles Aqua Farm items to regrouping.
       - Added newer miniloader items to regrouping.
       - Made Yuoki Tech Tree disabled if Yuoki Tech Tree mod is installed.
       - Added Angel's mod regrouping (can be disabled in config).
       - Added some new items from updated mods to regrouping.
       - Added Bio Industries mod to regrouping.
       - Added items with no recipes to regrouping (they still show up when setting filters).
       - Added Bob's Enemies alien artifacts to regrouping.
       - Added Bob's Tech Science Packs to regrouping.
       - Added Bob's Mod easy Lithia Water to regrouping.
       - Added Angel's Bio Processing Pre-Artifacts to regrouping.
       - Added Angel's Mod easy Purified Water to regrouping.
       - Fixed Yuoki group issue.
       - Fixed hiding of turrets from Bob's Warfare.