Recursive Resource Calculator

by Herddex

An in-game calculator that can be used to automatically compute the information you need to build a final product at a given rate of production: precise number of machines for each intermediate product, required production rates for all said intermediate products, pollution and energy costs, with options for specifying module configurations, as well as machine types.

21 hours ago
a month ago
Latest Version:
1.0.7 (21 hours ago)
Factorio version:
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Do you often find yourself using your operating system's calculator app or a spreadsheet to assist you in calculating production ratios? I know I am...

But one day, I saw the irony of doing these (semi) manual calculations for a game that's all about automation. So... Why not automate these calculations too?

This is pretty much what this mod does. Input your desired production rate for a "final product" item (such as a science pack, module, turret ammo, etc.) and the Recursive Resource Calculator will, as the name suggests, recursively decompose this item all the way down to raw resources, while building a detailed report of the required production rates and machine numbers for each item/fluid along the way. You can even choose module configurations for each recipe (even supporting fractional module counts to properly take beacons into account) and see an estimate of the pollution and energy consumption of your assembly line.

The GUI is quite minimalistic and should be quite intuitive to use. The only custom key bind this mod adds is the opening/closing of the calculator (ALT + C by default). The calculator can also be closed by pressing the usual "Close GUI" key (E by default).