Reaver's RGB Radars

Adds three new radar types with varying specialties.
11 days ago
Author: thereaverofdarkness
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 12 days ago
Latest Version: 0.3.0 (11 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 238 times

Adds three new radar types, unlocked after researching each module type. Each radar has a unique design and fits its own purpose.

Red - Rapid Scan Radar: This radar has a much shorter range, but scans its area extremely fast. You can carry it with you when traveling, and periodically set it up with a power source to reveal terrain.

Green - Low Power Radar: This radar scans the same area as the basic radar, but much more slowly, and it uses much less power. This is useful to install in your base after your basic radars have finished revealing terrain. Over the long term, the radar will update the terrain and reveal any biter base expansions, but mostly it will just provide map vision inside your base.

Blue - Long Range Radar: This radar draws a very high amount of power but has a very long range and scans pretty quickly. Use this radar in the mid-game to scan for new outposts. This is highly useful on rail world or when using RSO mod.

Radar attributes:

Basic Radar:
Power: 300 kW
Vision Radius: 3
Scan Time: 33.3s
Scan Radius: 14
Time to scan whole area: 6h55m33s

Red Radar:
Power: 450 kW
Vision Radius: 4
Scan Time: 0.5s
Scan Radius: 8
Time to scan whole area: 1m36s

Green Radar:
Power: 100 kW
Vision Radius: 3
Scan Time: 2m30s
Scan Radius: 14
Time to scan whole area: 31h10m

Blue Radar:
Power: 1500 kW
Vision Radius: 6
Scan Time: 10s
Scan Radius: 40
Time to scan whole area: 17h22m40s

Version History:

0.3.0: radar entities are now colored
0.2.2: updated recipe cost to require a radar; updated prerequisites to reflect the science packs it already required
0.1.3: minor balance tweaks
0.1.0: mod released