Randomize Science

PRE-ALPHA VERSION - Generate randomized ingredients for science pack recipes for every game. Covers basic 6 science packs. Adjust difficulty, progression, number of ingredients, tier caps, and crafting time/output. Include ores, wood, liquid, fish, or science packs as ingredients, craft in random buildings, and use a random seed to keep your recipes.

1 year, 2 months ago
1 year, 2 months ago
Latest Version:
0.0.7 (1 year, 2 months ago)
Factorio version:
319 times

Attempts to randomize science recipes in a rigorous way so your science setup
and planned tech progression is different each game. Many options available.


This is a PRE-ALPHA build so please consider it a proof of concept, unfinished.
Don't count on your science setup lasting through a longer play as the locking feature is not complete so any version update WILL change your science recipes again, even with the same seed. I recommend using Adjustable Science mod https://mods.factorio.com/mod/AdjustableSciences to recover in the event of a version or migration update that causes issues until that can be integrated here.

It is safe to install/uninstall and enable/disable, but currently not truly compatible with mods that change science and recipe balance or add a lot of intermediate items.

You can lock yourself out of technologies on new games with certain flags like fish, wood, and raise tier cap - use these only with other mods or already-researched saves to make those resources replenishable or gain access to technologies or intermediate items or crafting recipe unlocks.

The Mod Settings attempts to explain everything and there are a few code
comments, enough to find your way around if you want to tinker with it.


Randomize recipe ingredients for 6 science packs.
Enter a Random Seed to try to use same new recipes every launch.
Randomize/Choose ingredient difficulty and science tier progression.
Randomize/Choose number of different ingredients.
Randomize or swap craft time and number produced.
Randomize/Expand upper and lower tier caps to make things more random.
Setting to require 1 science pack from previous-ish tier as ingredient in next tier to smooth balance progression (can still become very difficult).
Allow raw ores and other tier 0 ingredients for automation (red) science pack.
Allow Fish setting for raw ingredient tier.
Allow wood and wooden ingredients.
Science packs crafted with liquid ingredients.
Science packs crafted in random buildings.

Planned for v0.1.0:

Lock in recipes to your map. Migration/version protection.
Randomized Space science pack and endgame recipes.
Whitelist/blacklist ingredients.
Tier-specific settings to tweak balance/target specific science pack.


- Randomize difficulty and tier caps.
- Choose or randomize science tier progression.
- Initial balance, ingredient weighting, and difficulty tuning release
- Includes all vanilla items
- Exclude ingredients too big for the difficulty you have chosen
- Settings for raising/lowering tier caps. If you max them out it just makes the whole ingredient pool available for every science pack recipe.
- Made higher values of max ingredients flag more robust.
- Fixed processing unit in wrong ingredients tier.
- Fixed wooden chest.


Please share feedback on the Mod Portal but be aware this is my first mod
and even first time using lua. Thank you for trying it out!