Random Game Improvements/Changes

Alters some base things in the game that I think should be improved/changed (while attempting to maintain game balance).

2 years ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
2 years ago
Latest Version:
0.0.7 (2 years ago)
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Makes some small changes to the game that I think makes life better without completely unbalancing the game.

  • Allows you to zoom out more.
  • Increases the stack size of wood, landfill, and refined concrete to 1000.
  • Changes night vision equipment to be a 1x1 item (instead of 2x2) and it also makes night as bright as day (instead of tinting the world green).
  • Adjusts construction bot queue so they can handle more active requests.

v0.0.3 added options so that you can enable/disable any of the above options - the night vision equipment change is split into two toggles, one to make the night vision equipment smaller and make it so it brightens the night about as much as the day, and also a second toggle that just turns off night completely (only as a visual change). I had the "turn off night" thing in there because even setting the night vision equipment to make it as bright as day doesn't completely stop it from darkening a bit and I disliked the small flashed I would see. Turning off night doesn't change the game for the most part, just means you don't really need to wear night vision equipment, but solar panels still stop producing power at "night".

v0.0.5 and 0.0.6 altered the way that the construction queue works, it's now a multiplier instead of a toggle. You may need to change the value once in order for the multiplier to take effect.

This mod was mostly uploaded so that when I play with friends it is easy for them to download and update when needed.