Proxy Wars

Compete against other players by purchasing biters to fight on neutral ground on your behalf.

3 years ago
0.15 - 0.18
6 years ago
Latest Version:
0.0.8 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.18
Downloaded by:
12 users

This mod will pit all the players in a game against each other in a race to build an army. You will sell items to purchase biters that will fight in an arena for you.

This mod is a work in progress

It is in a usable state at the moment, but please report any issues/suggestions that you have (email or forum pm are the best ways to contact me).

Gist of the Game

The player to start the game is considered the host. The host will have to wait at least 20 seconds before they can start the game, but they should wait for all players to join the game before beginning (or else they won't be a participant of the Proxy War). After the game has started all players will be teleported to their own version of the map.

Each player will have 10 minutes (configurable) to buy up a base and sell some items in the Sell Chest. The money gained from the chest will let them purchase biters and/or spitters to participate in the next arena fight. When the arena fight starts anyone can watch the fight by pressing the button that appears.

There is also a config.lua that has settings for the game that are worth looking at (I will move what I reasonable can into the mod settings menu in the next release). Of note in the config is the game_speed, which will make all recipes cheaper and faster, in case you want to get to late game level tech quicker.

Upcoming Features

  • Searchable value list
  • Move config.lua into the game (This will most likely be a UI for the host to chose from)

Thanks to DaveKap for the idea for the mod and helping to flesh out some ideas on it.

Change Log


  • Fixed crash on Factorio boot


  • Support for 0.18


  • Support for 0.17


  • Support for 0.16


  • If only 1 player bought biters then they are awarded a point and spend their biters (instead of entirely skipping the round for more players to have biters)
  • Added game length limit, that will end the game after a number of rounds (default of 25 rounds)


  • Fixed desync loop


  • Fixed timer & start game button bug on reloading a previous Proxy Wars game


  • Initial Release