Patchwork Overhaul

by nobake

This modpack combines a bunch of standalone mods with the intention to create a full game overhaul comparable to some of the more well-known big mods. New resources, mining and smelting, oil processing, power, science, and more.

5 months ago
0.18 - 1.1
2 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.1 (5 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.18 - 1.1
258 times

Everyone knows about the big modpacks - Bob's, Angels, py, AAI + Space Exploration, etc. I want to highlight and leverage the work of all the modders out there creating interesting standalone mods to create something of a DIY overhaul. 99% of the work is done by those mods, with some glue work and miscellaneous adjustments done by me in the Patchwork Stitching mod.

Some Highlights

New Ores, Enhanced Mining and Smelting

  • Several new resources and recipe changes via brevven's excellent series of mods
  • Faster miners that consume explosives from the Blast Mining mod.
  • Prospector will enrich your ore deposits to increase their yield.
  • Hexi's Inline Ore Processing allows you to get significantly more plates per ore through expanded processing chains.

Wood is Important

  • Wood supply can be automated first using Lumberjack to harvest trees, and later generated by Arborium.
  • Wood is now used in the recipe for Electronic Circuits, replacing Iron Plate.
  • Wood is a source of oil products via Wood Gasification.
  • Wood is also consumed to create bottles for science packs.

A Range of New Power Options

  • Wind Turbines and new burner power options from KS Power
  • Additional sources of heat energy from MT Heaters
  • Nuclear power additions from Plutonium Energy

Hot, Steamy Oil

  • Oil wells are initially finite, but once depleted can consume fluid to continue producing due to the Fracking mod.
  • Wood Gasification and Coal Gasification provide additional sources of oil products.
  • Oil processing, gasification, and cracking recipes all require steam instead of plain water.

Rockets and Science

  • Science packs require bottles from Jakzie's Science Bottles, made from wood and glass.
  • MadClowns Science adds alternative recipes for science packs, and the ability to generate them purely from power.
  • Rocket Silo Construction turns the building of a rocket into a huge undertaking, with several excavation and construction phases.

Current Status, Notes, other mods

  • I would call the mod list tentatively final, pending me completing a map with the updated list and any feedback I might receive. Never say never, but I'm not aware of anything else I REALLY want to add, remove, or replace.
  • If any mod included in this pack is not to your taste you can deactivate it. Nothing should break, but let me know if it does.
  • I don't play or test with biters on. I make no claims one way or the other in regards to balance with them. YMMV.
  • Rocket Silo Construction is great if you just want to launch a rocket and be done. If you prefer to go beyond that I recommend switching that out for Lord Ktor's SpaceX mod for endgame research.
  • Brevven's Graphite & Diamonds mod is interesting, but I felt the pack was getting to be a bit much so I left it out.
  • Ingredient Scrap is an interesting mod you can add for a small additional challenge. Again though, I felt there's already plenty going on in the default pack.