Patchwork Overhaul

by nobake

This modpack combines a bunch of standalone mods with the intention to create a full game overhaul comparable to some of the more well-known big mods. New resources, mining and smelting, oil processing, power, science, and more.

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Latest Version:
0.18.1 (a month ago)
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Everyone knows about the big modpacks - Bob's, Angels, py, AAI + Space Exploration, etc. I want to highlight and leverage the work of all the modders out there creating interesting standalone mods to create something of a DIY overhaul. 99% of the work is done by those mods, with some glue work and miscellaneous adjustments done by me in the Patchwork Stitching mod.

This modpack hard requires everything just to make it easy to download and set up, but if any particular mod is not to your taste it can be deactivated with no problems.

Some Highlights

Ores, Mining, and Smelting

  • SimpleSilicon and Titanium mods add new minable resources and recipe changes to go with them.
  • DivOresity will mix up the ore patches, providing a logistical challenge of sorting and routing different ores.
  • Prospector will enrich your ore deposits to increase their yield.
  • Hexi's Inline Ore Processing adds ore processing allowing you to get significantly more plates per ore.

Wood and Alternative Oil

  • Wood supply can be automated first using Lumberjack to harvest trees, and later generated by Arborium.
  • Wood is now used in the recipe for Electronic Circuits, replacing Iron Plate.
  • Wood Gasification provides recipes to generate oil products from wood. Additionally, Coal Gasification provides the same for coal prior to researching Coal Liquefaction.
  • El Adamo's Carbon and Chemical mods provide alternate processing chains using natural gas.


  • El Adamo's Gas Boiler and Gas Generators add new midgame power sources fueled by oils, either vanilla or from the Carbon mod.
  • El Adamo at it again with the Nuclear mod, a complete overhaul of nuclear power with more complex processing chains and different levels of fuel.


  • MoreScience add several new science packs and changes science into fluids which you then have to bottle before sending to the labs.
  • Space Extension will significantly extend the endgame by requiring multiple rocket launches to send expensive components into space to build an interstellar vessel.

Biters and Defense

  • Armored Biters adds a new biter type with increased defense.
  • Swarmageddon will help biters scale better into mid and late game, without being too overbearing early on.
  • Alien Loot Economy adds alien ore dropped from biters, which can be made into various thing such as modules or improved solar.
  • Pollution Solutions adds ways to collect pollution, which can be funnelled into defense via toxic turrets and toxic dumps, power via incinerators analogous to nuclear reactors, or another source of oil.
  • Modular Turrets a variety of new turrets and weapons to combat the biter threat, while Turret Shields adds a power-hungry extra layer of defense to your turrets.

Recommended Settings

  • The early game is slow, so be careful with biter settings. I found them just manageable on default settings in a grassy, moderately forested area. Though I'm also slow and bad at dealing with biters, so use your own judgment.
  • Because there are so many alternate ways of getting oil, I recommend disabling vanilla crude oil spawns in map generation.
  • Because Prospector and Hexi's Ore Processing will stretch your ore patches much further, I'd recommend not cranking up the richness too high. Though be careful with reducing richness, because it does take longer to get to trains for outposting.
  • I set DivOresity quota to 0.3 with an exempt area of 0 to make it impactful from the start.
  • For the Adamo Carbon mod, turn on steam in oil processing.


  • LootChest+ currently does not pick up the Xenomass from Pollution Solutions. I have requested that it be added, but in the meantime it isn't difficult to do yourself. You may also try alternatives - Schall Pickup Towers comes to mind though I haven't tested it; AAI Wardend do work.
  • LootChest+ unlocks pretty late. If picking up loot becomes too bothersome, try adding AAI Wardens as an early game method to gather loot.
  • Originally I'd planned to include Factorio Extended Plus, but it had too many issues with other mods. I haven't yet investigated other options with higher tiers of all the buildings. I threw in Advanced Furnaces and Advanced Assembly Machines as a stopgap, but that isn't quite what I want.
  • While I found biters to be a serious threat before oil, after they become trivial almost instantly. Biter mods might be a good thing to add if you're confident in the early game.
  • I would like to replace the concrete recipe with one based on the Adamo Chemical recipe, but haven't found a good way to do that without making Advanced Automation Science too difficult / impossible.
  • Pick your own train manager and QOL mods. I didn't include any because it's not my place to make you to use TSM over LTN, or FNEI over Recipe Book, etc. Even though you should!

Credits and Thanks

  • El Adamo, whose chemistry and power mods make up a good chunk of this pack.
  • Mylon, author of Prospector and DivOresity, among many other mods. I considered Fracking before finding El Adamo's mods, try it out if Adamo's seem like too much. Also check out the Nougat and Peppermint Mining mods.
  • Lovely_Santa, author of MoreScience, one of the best mods to science I've seen. I almost included the Force Fields mod as well, but ultimately decided against it because you can't blueprint the settings for the emitters. Special thanks for creating LSlib too, it super easy to understand and use and I found it very useful.
  • LordKTor, author of Space Extension and TSM.
  • And of course, the authors of every other mod in this pack.