This mod is a catch all to add a variety of useful things to Factorio. Currently including properly made QoL researches that are entirely configurable (or disableable) as well as a Burner Assembler (also disableable).
9 months ago
0.13 - 0.17
Owner: OvermindDL1
Source: OvermindDL1/factorio-overmods
Homepage: https://github.com/OvermindDL1/factor...
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 3 years ago
Latest Version: 0.17.3 (9 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.13 - 0.17
Downloaded: 1836 times

This mod is a catch all to add a variety of useful things to Factorio that I've wanted over time, generally entirely configurable and not 'well' covered by other mods.

Currently it contains:

  • Fully Configurable Basic Modifier Researches, entirely configurable via the in-game GUI.
  • This are researches like Bot Batteries, Player run/craft speed, reach, etc...
  • Burner Assembler that handles a single input and runs at 25% speed, enough to get 'some' automation going at the start to automate gears or whatever else is wanted.


  • Non-basic Modifier Researches

The old 0.14 versions's description had these two things, but they are not in the current 0.16 version as the Nanobots mod contains equivalent functionality (and I highly recommend that mod):

  • Item Collector: looks like the radar, needs a new image sometime (taking requests, please submit new graphics), size is 2x2, but for now it acts as a radar however it marks nearby items that are laying on the ground to be picked up by the logistics network (construction bots) whenever it completes a full charge in a 64x64 radius. Its purpose is to replace the sometimes-breaking and quite laggy Artifact Collector that is in certain other mods in a less 'cheaty/transporty' way, has an energy cost, can pick up anything that lays on the ground (love keeping my ground clean), not just mob drops but any item that is on the ground near to it and not on belts, and requires construction bots, which feels far more balanced to me, although I may need to fudge with its recipe, seems too simple currently, a radar and electronic circuits, taking suggestions for this. Unlocks with Automated Construction.
  • Item Collector Armor Module: Adds a 2x2 armor module that acts like the Item Collector by marking nearby items to be picked up by drones every roughly 15 seconds at a short range. Adding additional modules multiplies the range (2 modules is 2x range, 3 is 3x, etc...). Has a moderate energy cost. Does need a new sprite, badly, if anyone has one then please link.