Old But Better Graphics

Similar to the sound redesign, the graphic redesign in 0.18 as of late is one great leap backward. This mod aims to revert these awful changes. You can customize which ones to revert in mod settings.

2 years ago

g You can't just replace the new prototype with the old one

2 years ago

The old prototype definition isn't even supported anymore, that's why your miner shadows don't work. It's also why if you place your miner on a uranium patch it doesn't show the fluid connections.

You have to port it to the working_visualisation format.

2 years ago

This is new to me, I'm still trying to figure out how it works. Please allow me some time.

2 years ago

Right now, the beacon works fine more or less. But yes, when I figure out the new format, I will update both of them.

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