Noxys Trees

by _Noxy_

Makes the trees spread slowly but also die off with certain condition. Made to be performant and multiplayer friendly. Very configurable.

5 months ago
0.15 - 1.1

i Mod compatibility

2 months ago
(updated 2 months ago)

Hi Noxy,

I've got 2 things here:

1) I'm working on a mod at the moment that restricts placement of certain entities on "artificial" tiles (eg, stone path, concrete, etc). These entities include trees. For aesthetic reasons, I'm giving all trees "tree-roots" that have a collision box larger than the tree's, but collides only with tiles (so these tiles cannot be placed too close to trees). However, I need to be able to tell when any trees are created or destroyed to add these roots. Could I ask you to include in your .create_entity{} and .destroy() commands their respective raise properties set to true? This will allow me to know when your mod has created or destroyed a tree and likewise create or remove the "tree-roots" entity. (Oh, and the "tree-roots" entity from this mod is not of type "tree", so there's no need to add it to your exclusion list.)

2) I have another mod I've recently released, Tree Saplings (Redux), that has 5 tree entities in it that should probably be excluded from your mod's logic. Instead of my asking you to include these entities in your exclusions list, would you be willing to setup a remote interface that I could call to add them myself when my mod is loaded? Then other future modders could use this as well vs asking you to update your mod to exclude them.

2 months ago

I can probably do all of the above but may take me a bit, I'm quite occupied lately. If you can't wait I do accept and usually process pull request pretty quickly!

2 months ago

Thanks! I'm good waiting. I haven't finished that other mod, yet, anyway. :P

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