Nauvis Day

by Reika

Makes pollution generation and handling a much greater focus of the game, as pollution is both much nastier to the environment, to your factory, and to you, much more likely to turn the natives against you, and much harder to ignore. Also adds new technologies and infrastructure for environmentally-conscious factory planners to avoid the worst of these problems.

a month ago
0.15 - 1.1


Version: 1.0.180
Date: Nov 28 2018
	- Deaerosolizer efficiency and speed is now tied to pollution levels around them
	- Improved and expanded Angel's Mods handling
	- Fixed crash when spilling some modded fluid types
Version: 1.0.172
Date: Oct 20 2018
	- Fixed crash on load with some users due to refinery recipe changes
	- Halved filtered refinery item use
Version: 1.0.164
Date: Oct 15 2018
	- Fixed spawner destruction creating biters on water
	- Rubber flooring now placeable near water
Version: 1.0.160
Date: Oct 10 2018
	- Added option for steam furnace speed ratios
	- Filtered refineries now have variants for all Bob refineries
	- Fixed some locale
Version: 1.0.148
Date: Sep 18 2018
	- Pollution processing now consumes somewhat more sludge
	- Improved tick performance
	- NVDay now increases the power of the KSPower diesel generator to be competitive with the gas boiler
	- Gas boiler now uses a bit less fuel per cycle
Version: 1.0.144
Date: Sep 10 2018
	- Several machines no longer support attempting to change 'recipes' they only had one of
	- Tweaked pollution-with-chloride processing recipe
	- Changed and harmonized Deaerosolizer recipes
	- Borehole driller is now more effective the longer it is left to work
Version: 1.0.138
Date: Sep 7 2018
	- Fixed steam furnaces not working
	- Fixed some missing locale
	- Fixed crash with some mods that add non-absorbing trees
Version: 1.0.135
Date: Sep 5 2018
	- Fixed Bob steam furnace icons
	- Changed pollution processing recipes slightly
	- Evolution factor time contribution increased for ribbon worlds
	- Evolution factor time reduction increases over time if the aliens are allowed to calm down
	- Fixed crash with mods adding oil-refinery recipes that have only one output
Version: 1.0.132
Date: Sep 2 2018
	- Increased time-based reduction of evolution factor
	- Fixed modded oil refineries not having pollution increase
	- Added exceptions for Algae Farms to pollution increase
	- Changed filtered oil processing recipe slightly - NaOH is now the 2x additive
	- Slowed gas boiler fuel consumption
	- Steam furnaces no longer autocopy recipes during blueprinting (and thus no longer overwrite themselves)
	- Fixed spilled-fluid tooltips sometimes lingering
	- Removed pollution cloud sound due to unavoidable stacking
	- Redesigned pollution-to-sulfur processing recipes for BobMods environments
Version: 1.0.120
Date: Aug 21 2018
	- Added steam-powered versions of Bob Chemical and Metal-Mix furnaces
	- Doubled spilled steam evaporation rate
	- Fixed Bob furnaces not having the proper pollution increase amount
Version: 1.0.115
Date: Aug 16 2018
	- Charcoal is no longer made from coal