Nauvis Post Collapse Demo

Huge map to explore, currently working on a new version of the map which makes it even bigger. The map contains a huge amount of content to explore and some players have reported playing on this map for hundreds of hours. Expect 2.0 to take that formula and add a pile of steroids, nitroglycerine and cocaine. We are talking about 1000 hours + easy. If you want to support this endeavor feel free to send some money via the patreon link and if you want to stay up to date with development of 2.0 head on over to the forum thread. I won't be posting too many images on there to avoid spoilers until I make a proper trailer for the map. CURRENTLY WORKING ON VERSION 2.0

1 year, 7 months ago
1.0 - 1.1
1 year, 7 months ago
Latest Version:
1.0.2 (1 year, 7 months ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
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Made a patreon page if you want to support development of the map. This version is so outdated now that it is pretty much a demo. Depending on how things unfold I might make 2.0 a patreon's only map as I do need some money sadly due to covid. I would love to keep working on the map but sadly without money coming in I won't be able to work on this as much as I could if I don't get some form of revenue from this. If I don't make it a patreon's only then what I will do instead is give early access to versions of the map as progress is being made. This project is far from done but so far everything will work out and every idea can be implemented. The more support this gets the more features will be included in 2.0. This also means that the original areas can get massive reworks to make it much more immersive.

2.0 will be heavy UPS wise if I don't optimize the map (expect >25 UPS with everything running on a medium rig) so optimizing the map will require a lot of testing and rework. 1.0 was heavily rushed towards the end and was far from the level of quality I would have liked. 2.0 wont be rushed so when it will be fully released it will be a polished experience for most of you out there to enjoy. As of right now the map can run with as little as 11GB of ram but I would not advise that as it is currently not finished.

By the end of January I might make the big announcement I have been teasing about but for this both parties have to be on the same page for this to work out.

I didn't bother re-reading this as I need to get back to working on the map so sorry if some sentences don't make sense, moved some stuff around without checking if it makes sense. I will be posting updates over the course of the month on the factorio forums so if you like this project keep checking on there for updates. I will be working on this project a lot until the 21st of January.

the list below will be info if you are curious or missed this map release a year ago:

here is my contact info if you want to get in touch with me: