by kaueNP
NPUtils addon - Add inserters,cars,new ways to use heat and other things
10 months ago
0.15 - 0.17


3.10:+ Fixed incompatibility with update 0.17.35+ 

   3.9:+ Added a mod settings that allows you to use or not the initial construction robots
       + Changed some recipes/time needed to craft
       + Added Italian translation by Liver
   3.8:+ Port to 0.17
       + Increased Primer Controller durability,now you will not lose it after one biter hit
       + Added 2 new storage tanks
       + Fixed a issue with some 16-bit gfxs in Mac system(Thx DrJones for report)


   2.7:Changed all NPU inserters recipes to make it more easy to get (A LOT MORE EASY),
   fixed a bug that give to you a Iron Storage Chest after you mine a Cooper Storage Chest
   2.6:Reworked pipe connections gfx on NPU-X boilers,Added NPU stack filter inserter(thx
   Tanuki_san),little changes in some recipes,new storage chests,Added some construction robots
   to help in early game,you will start with 10 Prime Robots (special robots,dont use power 
   and cant be craftable)and 1 Prime Controller to be used in armor slot (its just a modular 
   armor with slots to use a special roboport) in your inventory probably already equipped.
   2.5:Added a bunch of inserters
   1.4:Added Heat Furnace and some floor tiles
   1.3:Added Trash Car and Survivalist Cars
   1.2:Added Advanced Thermal Cables,a new Advanced Thermal Boiler,a new Chemical Reactor with
   special fuels and the Watts Eater
   1.1:Fixed to work in 0.15.10 Factorio version
   1.0:First release with a new cable to transport heat,a Burner Heater to create heat
   with normal fuel and a new Thermal Boiler