by kaueNP

A huge expansion to Factorio with new machines,generators,solar panels,boilers,energy accumulators,turrets,electric poles,pipes,roboport,robots,logistic chests,beacon,cars,walls,components.....You will find a bunch of new stuffs in NPU mods to increase your gameplay

1 year, 2 months ago
0.14 - 0.17

b Sulfur cannon rounds not doing any damage.

3 years ago

I've recently got into this mod and built some sulfur cannon rounds for killing some biters and there spawners, but it doesn't seem to do any damage to them.
are sulfur rounds broken at the moment or could i have another mod conflicting?

3 years ago

humm I dont know
I will see this before release my new update,I start work in this mod again so I will put many things :)
thanks for this report

3 years ago

my sulfur cannon do poison damage,maybe you use any mod that make enemies more hard and with high poison defence,because work normal in my game :)

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