by kaueNP

A huge expansion to Factorio with new machines,generators,solar panels,boilers,energy accumulators,turrets,electric poles,pipes,roboport,robots,logistic chests,beacon,cars,walls,components.....You will find a bunch of new stuffs in NPU mods to increase your gameplay

3 months ago
0.14 - 1.0


5.35:+ Updated to 1.0 Factorio version


   4.35:+ Fixed incompatibility with update 0.17.35+ 
   4.34:+ Added a mod setting that allows you to increase inventory size
        + Added two new plants to create lubricant and petroleum gas
	+ Now you can craft solid fuel with alienol oil
	+ Added the Organic Transmuter which is used to get the initial seeds(seeds to greenhouse)
	+ Changed some recipes componets/time needed to craft
	+ Changed some entities mining time
	+ Added new gfx to NPU Wall
	+ Removed Alisidian and everything related to Alisidian(like Alisidian walls and ammo)
	+ Added Italian translation by Liver
   4.33:+ Port to 0.17
        + Added 'Chemical Machine',an advanced chemical plant
        + Added new radar
	+ Added 3 new components
	+ Added 'Space Coin' to used in Sapace Market instead of cryamonds
	+ Added 'NP Greenhouse'for now is used to get Alicane and wood,but will be used in
	future organic stuffs


   3.32:Reduced time needed in some machines and components recipes,
   changed NPU monuments gfx
   3.31:Reworked in almost all pipe connections gfx on NPU machines,fix KN-02 Beacon
   position,changed some recipes to make things(inserters,furnaces,pipes and electric poles)
   more viable in early game,new Pipes gfx (friendly and fancy now),changed Alidium Farm
   and Chunk Excavator gfx
   3.30:Changed Air Purificator process to fix issue with Omni mods(thx Jack/Yamagato)
   3.29:Added better descriptions( thanks Micromario),compress gfx size(thanks Yuoki Tane)
   Added Enhanced Crystaliser,reworked Pipes and Crystaliser GFX,fix Electric Gatling Turret 
   power input,change some other gfxs
   3.28:Port to 0.16,Added buffer logistic chest,change Mining Drill,NPSpace Market
   (Adv)Solarium Panel,floor paths GFX,remove Adv.Mining Drill,Added more things to Space Market
   change some recipes,fix Ladonium GFX
   2.27:Added new tabs and organize NPU stuffs,Added Enhanced Craft Machine,change some recipes,
   increased stack of some components,increase Light Pole power,move all floor tiles to
   NPUtilsX Addedon
   2.26:Added JN-2000 Oil Refinery,a advanced refinery with specials recipes,Added a new tier of
   oil refining,increased S.Glue stack.Removed PT-BR language(for some reason this S&%@ dont work)
   2.25:Added a Advanced Roboport,2 new robots,4 logistic chests,Added fluid input and HR graphics to 
   Xpecial Mining Drill,fix Water Condenser GFX,"cheapened" Dynamo Generator and Purification 
   Chamber recipes to be used in early game 
   2.24:balanced my power generation!special thanks to WonderDog for made test,calculus and send
   me a doc.exel with results,reduced time in LV3 ore process to be more 'compensative',fix 
   some smoke output position,reduced time and increased output in 'Pressurized Water',
   HR Steam Creator gfx,change ammunition Cartridge recipes to use iron plate
   *Added HR GFX to all my Cars,but move this Cars to NPUtilsX-Addedon to reduce size of NPUtils 
   2.23:Craft Machine can craft recipeswith fluids,fix some fluids recipes,little change in 
   Carbon Pipe
   2.22:fix boiler stuffs(again!) to work with 0.15.10 
   2.21:fix Advanced Beacon GFX to work with Factorio Normal graphics option,sorry
   2.20:Port to 0.15 version!!Added advanced Beacon and new Modules,fix Nikonium Generator GFX,change
   Dual Pipe to Carbon Pipe,Added 2 new advanced capacitors,Added a new monument and change monument 
   size to 4x4,change some GFXs

   1.19:After start a new map in coop with a friend I have saw that my recipes is hard and need 
   much time to create the components,so I have reduced time to create components and make some
   recipes more cheap to be used in early game,reduced energy usage in some machines too!I always
   make tests before release news updates,but I use my middle/end game map with logistics robots.
   Added Water Condensator to create water,Added new Basic Xpecial Mining Drill,Added Enhanced Compressor
   ,Added Cryamond Axe,change some GFX		   
   1.18:Added 1 new advanced energy generator,1 big boiler,Infuser to create new things,Enhanced Air
   Purificator,1 new wall to decoration,some new advanced components,fix gatling turret animation,
   reduced time to create some components and pollution in some machines,now use Mixer to make 
   Alien Ration			  
   1.17:Added 1 new substation,1 long energy pole,1 new pipe,1 new decorative path,1 big lamp,2 new wall
   1 new Boiler,fix Chunk Excavator process,now with more output,Change many machines GFX to better 
   resolution,waiting for 0.15 UP
   (thanks so much YUOKI,for many helps and a video about my mod),now Capacitor are 3x3,fix pollution
   in many machines
   1.16:MANY THINGS! Introduce many components to craft my machines and automatization,new high energy
   generator,2 new energy poles,Mixer to make special glue with water and processed coal
   (with cool imagination),Compressor to create high speed water output
   Added new pipes,Added 2 new monuments to ostentation(big lamps),Added some new paths to decoration,change
   Chunk Excavator process,now you need use a special tool to mine chunks(balanced),change alienol process
   now Still use fuel,no more energy and make high pollution
   Alicane Farm need seed and MANY other fix,balanced things and better gfx
   1.15:Fix pt-BR language
   1.14:Added 2 improved furnaces,Added Trash Car,now cryamods can be made with Pure Carbon,Alienol can be 
   used in Flamethrower(thanks sore68,Addeditional-Turrets),Added a new fast mining-drill,translate to pt-BR
   1.13:Added a new custom Car,make upgrades upgrade to fast our protector and after choose your favorite 
   turret to use(nice!)
   1.12:Added 6 new Turret!2 use normal bullets,2 electrics,1 use cannon shell and 1 use rockets(I love this!)
   Added Ammunition Fabricator to create new types of ammunitions.
   Change graphics of many machines(I try make more rustic,like vanilla)
   1.11:Added Chunk Excavator,a especial drill to dig deep and get Mineral Chunk,used to get resources
   Added Alisidian Wall made with Alisidian,found in Chunk Mineral.Added Double Compressed Bagasse
   1.10:Change electric and normal Blast Furnace names to Formation Furnace,because Angels mod also have one.
   Now Craft Machine can make advanced crafting
   1.9:Change graphics of normal and electric Blast Furnace,change Mod Group icon
   1.8:Added Alien Artifact farm,using Alideuns(little aliens)create and kill to get resources to create Artifacts
   1.7:Fix bug with collision box in many machines(THANKS...).Change recipes to make molten ores,now you need 
   clean ore
   1.6:Added description in many items.Added a HIGH tier of generator.Added a generic assemble machine and a little assemble machine
   1.5:Added Alicane(sugar cane)to make Alienol(ethanol).Added process to create Steam(another!)using water and light,
   heavy our alienol in my Steam Boiler.Alicane process produce bagasse usable like fuel and you can enrich using 
   light,heavy and alienol,Enriched carbon can be create using light,heavy and alienol
   1.4:Change ore process,now you dont need the previous tier to the next(ex:pure iron to clean iron)and a new
   tier to the process(the last!)
   1.3:Fixed recipes to copper with pure and clean copper
   1.2:Change iron and copper process to be useful
   1.1:Increase 'sell' things to space market and change some prices to 'buy' category
   1.0:RELEASE!(only to one people)